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Case Studies

Case Study: Zero Waste Program

Toyota/GM (NUMMI) - Automobile Manufacturing, Fremont, CA

  • Diverted over 90% of discarded material
  • Reduced disposal by 947 tons per year
  • Reduced disposal costs by $106,000 per year
  • Implemented assembly-line mixed material diversion
  • Implemented cafeteria composting
  • Implemented restroom towel composting
  • Expanded on-site material sorting facility
  • 5,000 employees
  • Received State of California W.R.A.P. award

Case Study: Shopping Center Waste Reduction
& Recycling Program

Kimco Realty - Westlake Shopping Center, Daly City, CA 

  • Reduced disposal costs by $804,000 per year
  • Diverted 216 tons of solid waste per year through new recycling program
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 708 metric tons per year
  • Coordinated multiple service changes throughout redevelopment construction
  • Implemented "Best Management Practices" for solid waste and recycling
  • Successfully converted solid waste program from "violation" status to "industry model"


Case Study: Office/Manufacturing Waste Reduction
& Recycling Program

Lockheed Martin – Aeronautics Engineering, CA

  • Increased diversion from 25% to 75%
  • Diverted 2,471 tons of solid waste per year
  • Reduced disposal costs by $281,000 per year
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2,654 metric tons
  • 3 facilities, 8,000 employees, 40 buildings
  • Received State of California's W.R.A.P. award

Case Study: Construction & Demolition Debris Management

XL Construction – new 50,000 sf building

  • 199 tons diverted from landfill
  • 97% diversion rate
  • $9,000 saved compared to landfill cost
  • Awarded LEED Silver

Case Study:  Green Business Program

Green Business Challenge – Westchester County, NY

  • Developed web based Green Business program
  • 50+ businesses registered in first six months
  • Interactive scorecard developed in collaboration with ICLEI, provided to companies that register for Challenge
  • 80+ strategies in categories of energy, water, transportation, land use, waste, green products & outreach
  • Web-based help links attached to each strategy
  • Points achieved for completing sustainability strategies
  • Opportunity to lower operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Free “green” publicity
  • Part of county-wide sustainability effort
  • Joint venture of Westchester County and Business Council of Westchester
Westchester Green Business Challenge