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Waste Reduction, Recycling & Composting

Program Design & Implementation

Customized waste reduction programs

Synergis designs and implements customized waste reduction programs for commercial, industrial, retail, institutional and residential facilities.

Program elements include:

  • Waste audits
  • Design, implement and improve waste reduction programs
  • Design, implement and improve recycling & composting programs
  • Select cost-effective haulers and markets
  • Train employees, tenants, custodial service and haulers
  • Select compostable foodservice products
  • Waste equipment, containers & custom signs
  • Develop tracking and reporting systems
  • LEED program compliance
  • Green Business compliance
  • Sustainability program compliance

Program Management


Synergis provides ongoing program management services for large facilities.

Services include:

  • Hauler management
  • Vendor bill review and consolidation
  • Monthly program summaries
  • Continuous program improvement
  • Ongoing staff/tenant training
  • Monthly on-site program review

This service often pays for itself through your savings!

Compactors & Balers

Waste consultant
Waste recycling

Synergis provides cost-saving compactors, balers and other waste & recycling equipment. Advantages of using this equipment include:

  • Reduce collection costs
  • Reduce space needed to store discarded items
  • Reduce collection frequency
  • Increase material revenues
  • Comply with storm water regulations
  • Track tenant usage
  • Bill tenants based on usage
  • Monitor to ensure only full bins are collected

Bins, Signs & Labels


Synergis offers a variety of containers, signs and labels for all of your trash, recycling and composting applications. The right containers and signs means more participation and improved program results.

  • Indoor containers
  • Outdoor containers
  • Recycled content containers
  • Special Event containers
  • Stock container labels
  • Custom container labels
  • Custom wall signs